Expo Dubai 2020 - Romania

Nature enhanced by technology. Technology inspired by nature.

As the biggest current challenge of mankind seems to be defined by its relationship to nature, Romania Pavilion invites you to explore an alternative scenario, created at the crossroad between contemporary arts and new technologies.

We like to believe that New Nature, the concept we propose today, is a very needed response in order to tilt the scales of our existence in the right direction or, at least, to find a new balance in our attempt to ensure a future for mankind.
The concept uses the relationship with nature as a setting in order to present some important elements of our cultural and scientific history, guiding you through a series of past and present examples of collaboration, innovation and creative use of resources that make our local experience relevant at global level.

Is there a lesson to be learned here? Hidden somewhere in the meanders of this journey we propose, is there a local example which can be distilled, isolated and used, if we want to find a healthy relationship between nature and human progress in the field of science, technology, education, culture and art?
We like to believe that the answer is “yes”. But it’s only up to you to find it.